How to Freshen Up Your Home this Spring

Now that we have made our way through the darkest days of winter, it’s time to start looking forward to getting a spring in your step and ready for brighter days, warmer temperatures, and more positivity wherever you look. One of the best ways to embrace spring is to freshen up your home, and there are so many things to do that you’ll be able to keep busy, just in time for the summer.


So, where do you begin freshening up your home for spring? Here are a few ideas about how to freshen up your home for spring.

How to freshen up your home for spring

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a tried-and-true method of starting anew once spring rolls around. It gives you the chance to wipe away the previous year and start all over again. While spring cleaning can be a little daunting, the opportunity for a clean slate is not something you should miss. So, take a weekend (and get the rest of the family involved), go around the house cleaning every surface you can find, and don’t forget to clean under the sofa!

A clean and tidy home equals a clean and tidy mind, and even if the cleaning part feels like it’s taking forever, you’ll be thankful that you’ve done so once you have finished. Everybody loves a clean home, so take the chance to clean it while you can.

Declutter your home

No matter how hard we seem to try, everyone accumulates clutter throughout the year. Once you’ve finished with your annual spring cleaning, it’s time to get ruthless and throw out everything you don’t want, need, or use any more.

These can be books you know you’re never going to read or clothes that you’ve long outgrown. Rather than send these items to the landfill, look for places to donate them to reduce waste. Once you’ve decluttered your home sufficiently, think about filling the empty shelves and surfaces with gorgeous spring decor.

Flower arrangements

Fresh flowers are always welcome regardless of the time of year, but there’s something about spring floral designs that bring the house, and the season, to life. Because of this, you can find the best spring decor by filling your home with the perfect spring flower arrangements. If you’ve already planted spring flowers, you can pick a few from your garden. If not, then any florist will be happy to help you add something new to your home.

The beauty of flower arrangements is that they are suitable for anywhere in the house. You can place them by the front door, in the kitchen, living room, or even your bedroom. These spring flowers give your home a gorgeous aroma that brings the outside in and offers plenty of health benefits, including an improved mood and reduced stress.

A fresh coat of paint

Sometimes all a home needs to freshen up is a fresh coat of paint. This is especially true if you have young kids with sticky fingers or even pets that love to slobber all over the door frames as they push through the door to greet you when you get home from work.

If you’re unsure which color to use, neutral or pastel colors are an excellent choice, especially for springtime. If you want to make a louder statement, bright yellows are perfect for south-facing rooms that are sure to get plenty of sunshine. Once you’ve decided on the perfect paint color, think about the right flower decor to match to bring more life to your home.

Green thumb

You might have hidden away indoors during the winter as it was far too cold to do anything outside, but the spring season gives you the chance to make the most of your garden all over again. Before you can relax in your garden and enjoy longer days with friends and family, you’ll need to make it presentable.

The best spring flowers are the way to do this, and as there are so many flowers you can plant in the spring; the options are practically unlimited. With daffodils, tulips, rhododendrons, and many more, you can make your garden the most beautiful in the neighborhood.

Freshen up

Whether you want to get into some serious spring cleaning, declutter, or find the best spring centerpieces (or all of the above); freshening up your home just in time for spring will make you fall in love with your house all over again.

If you want more advice on the best spring flowers to add vibrant color to your home, both inside and out, get in touch with us at 1-800-Flowers Encinitas, in your local Encinitas, CA community.

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